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We are building the most user friendly Web3 wallet for Games and Apps

Our vision is to create a future where every social application and game having a sustainable reward system for it's users and content creators through stable coins.

Kaiju wallet is one of the first mobile wallets implementing ERC - 4337 account abstraction standard with social recovery, gasless transactions and many more exciting features.

Why Kaiju Wallet?

We are on a mission to create the most user friendly crypto wallet. This is  how we are doing it.


Simple Setup & Recovery

Kaiju wallet can be setup by anyone with one click. Writing down the secret recovery phrase is a thing in the past and you no longer need to sweat over losing your funds. Just assign your friends as guardians to vote and recover your wallet when needed.


Pay With Credit Card

Just do any Web 3 transaction, NFT purchase or Crypto payment just like you buy something online with your credit card. Best part is your network fees can be sponsored by the platform or fees can be automatically paid with your credit card or stable coins.

Untitled design (16).png

It's Social

Ultimate users of Web 3 are humans. Kaiju Wallet is built keeping that in mind.  We bring social elements to Web3 games and apps by incorporating a social profile to the wallet.

  • Integrate easily with Unity & Unreal

  • Launch Coins & NFTs in one click

  • Sell in NFT game assets in USDT & USDC

  • Get paid instantly with stable coins

  • Create sustainable in game economies 

  • Democratize the gaming with Web3


Built for the gamers by the gamers!

We provide a very easy to use integration SDK for game developers to build awesome Web3 games without coding.

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