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Low Code Backend For Modern Web3 Games!

Build and onboard players without a hassle and create new in-game economies with user generated content!

User generated content in Web3 game.
Key Features


Supercharge Your Game With Web3 Technology

User generated content, UGC game hammer.

Build With Kaiju Toolkit

Kaiju Labs provides SDKs for Unity, Unreal & Web allowing you to easily integrate popular blockchains to your game. You don't require any blockchain knowledge as we make it super easy to do necessary integrations with a few clicks.

User generated content, UGC, Characters

Onboard Users Easily

One of the main challenges in Web3 gaming is onboarding users without forcing the users to go through a complicated process. We solve this by implementing latest ERC-4337 standard creating a seamless one click onboarding & wallet creation experience using social logins.

User generated content, UGC, Games, Coins

Create Your Own Economy

If you are building a game like Roblox with user generated content and own in game currency like Robux, Web3 technology can do the same easily and efficiently without having to incur heavy banking fees. Launch your own Token easily and list the assets as NFTs and build your game.


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nVentures Fund Singapore
XRP ledger, Ripple
User generated content in Web3 game, Coins, Assets,  Acheivements, Comsumables


ERC 20 Tokens

Collectibles ERC 721 NFTs

Achievements ERC 1155


ERC 1155


It's All You Need

We provide an all in one toolkit for game developers to develop games with no Web3 knowledge and bring the super powers of Web3 into your game. As game developers you can focus on building awesome games and let our toolkit handle all the heavy duty blockchain tasks within the game. Our toolkit and infrastructure provides you everything you need as a managed service including Player Identity, In-Game Wallet, Leaderboards, Achievements, Matchmaking, Turn Based Multiplayer, In-Game Marketplaces and may more with a single dashboard to manage Players, NFTs and Tokens within your game.



Why It's Special

Kaiju Wallet is the ideal wallet for game developers who want to easily onboard gamers to Web3 games. Its intuitive interface and Web2 login makes it simple to start playing games without ever needing to worry about a seed phrase. Best of all, Kaiju Wallet is socially recoverable and fully decentralized, guaranteed by verifiers and guardians, ensuring your funds are always safe and secure.

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Kaiju Labs is reshaping the gaming industry with their innovative Web3 Toolkit, making blockchain integration in games effortless and seamless. This aligns perfectly with Chainstack's commitment to provide game developers with robust, secure, and scalable blockchain solutions. The future of gaming, where Web3 becomes intrinsic, is being unlocked by initiatives like Kaiju Labs, opening up unprecedented opportunities for innovation and player empowerment.

Eugene Aseev, Co- Founder / CTO Chainstack



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